Latest Updates

TFS and TICO Sign the Asset Purchase Agreement

Commercial Finance was excited to celebrate another milestone on its journey to become Toyota Industries Commercial Finance (TICF). After confirming the new company names and securing Board approval, CF welcomed back Mr. Yamaguchi, Executive Vice President of Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO); Mr. Ishii, President and CEO of Toyota Financial Services Corporation (TFSC); and, our own Mike Groff to sign the Asset Purchase Agreement on December 2nd.

Plano Passes Equal Rights Policy Protecting LGBT Community

The Plano City Council has amended its Anti-Discrimination Policy, renaming it the Equal Rights Policy and expanding its protections to prohibiting discrimination from employment, housing and public accommodation for people based on sexual orientation, gender identity and military service.

New Tax Information Section

We are excited to announce a new Benefits Calculator and Tax Information section on TFS Next Chapter. In addition to the relocation/retention calculator, it contains tools and information to help TFS associates learn more about the differences between taxes, withholdings and what it could mean to them.

Future Forward

What does the future look like? Let our map be your guide. Learn More >>


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