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And the Winner is…Plano, Best Neighborhood! (Dallas Morning News)

The Dallas Morning News has created a page on their website dedicated to Toyota employees in California, New York and Kentucky. The page contains useful links and stories about Plano and the surrounding area. Read More

Our Purpose/Our Promise

Please visit Our Purpose/Our Promise to find information about who TFS is, how we fit into One Toyota, and what our future holds. You’ve asked a lot of great questions about these issues – and it’s more important than ever to explain our purpose and confirm to you our promise for the future.


RumorBusters is a new section that will separate fact from fiction – and make sure you continue to get the most accurate information so you can make the best decision for you and your family. RumorBusters will be continually updated with the most recent rumors and provide you with the truth behind them.

Stay up-to-date every step of the way as construction begins on our new One Toyota headquarters in Plano, Texas. Learn More >>

Change Central is a new, one-stop shop where you will find a variety of tools, resources, and best practices. Learn More >>


To learn more about what’s happening at TMS, TEMA & TMA, visit their transition portal ( or their external site  (